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EtherCAT sensors enable real time measurements

In industrial automation technology, there is a growing trend towards replacing existing first generation fieldbuses with industrial Ethernet. Unlike conventional bus systems that require lots of installation effort, industrial Ethernet is faster and easier to integrate, which explains why this technology has gained widespread acceptance in many industrial manufacturing environments.

Industrial Technology | 7/2012 | New Wave Publishing

New precise method for measuring sheet thickness using laser profile scanners

Increasingly complex processing, optimisation of raw material costs or new standards mean there is a continually growing demand for sensor technology. Optical measuring techniques are becoming more and more important here.

Aluminium | 87/2011 | Giesel Verlag

Temperature Sensors

Infrared temperature measurement devices, both handheld and fixed/online versions, can provide non-contact, relatively low cost, preventive maintenance tools. These devices...

Industrial Technology | 3/2010 | New Wave Publishing

Selecting the right temperature sensor

Plant and maintenance engineers use infrared temperature measurement devices, both handheld and fixed/online versions, as non-contact, relatively low cost, preentive maintenance tools...

Diagnostic Engineering | March/April 2010 | DFA Media

Keep in touch with non-contact sensing

Choosing non-contact displacement sensors can be confusing. Chris Jones, managing director of Micro-Epsilon (UK), outlines the key characteristics of four leading technologies and offers advice on selecting the most appropriate for an application.

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Non-contact displacement sensors technologies

Chris Jones, Managing Director at precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon (UK), compares the technical pros and cons of four types of non-contact displacement...

Power in motion | 10/2008 | Thomas Industrial Media

Non-contact displacement sensors: a review

Chris Jones compares the technical pros and cons of four types of non-contact displacement measurement technologies. Selecting the most appropriate technology for the applications is what matters...

dpa | 08/2008 | IML Group

A measured approach to sensor selection

Chris Jones, managing director at precision sensor manufacturer, Micro-Epsilon UK, compares the technical pros and cons of four types of non-contact ...

Factory equipment | 09/2008 | connecting industry

New laser sensors offer high accuracies at large base distances

In non-contact displacement measurement applications using laser sensors, the accuracy of the sensor suffers as the measuring range (or base distance to the target) increases...

Industrial Analytical Instrumentation | 09/2008 | William R Digby-Hammerton MCIJ

High performance laser sensor

A new high performance laser sensor, available from Micro-Epsilon, is specifically designed for optical distance measurement with direct reflecting materials, including highly polished metal, mirrored objects, glass and chrome plated products...

Industrial Analytical Instrumentation | 09/2008 | William R Digby-Hammerton MCIJ

Reference guide includes largest choice of current sensors in world today

A guide is available from sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon on the company's non-contact, wear-free eddy current displacement sensors...

Industrial Analytical Instrumentation | 08/2008 | William R Digby-Hammerton MCIJ

Taking precise measurements

There are a wide variety of non-contact displacement sensors available, but how do you go about selecting the correct technology for the task...

Instrumentation | 07/2008 | Connecting Industry

Sensor technology heralds an exciting era for industry

Developments in sensor technology and the demands placed upon it by industry are resulting in a new generation of devices...

Instrumentation | 06/2008 | Connecting Industry

Software enables users to export captured 3D data to other software

New from Micro-Epsilon, its 3D visualisation software for laser profile sensors enables users to export captured 3D data to other software...

Instrumentation | 05/2008 | Connecting Industry

Miniature sensors designed for use in confined spaces

With a diameter of just 4mm, Micro-Epsilon’s new confocal sensor is ideal for measuring inside confined spaces such as narrow cavities, drilled holes and bores. As well as axial measurement, the ...

Automation | 04/2008 | Connecting Industry

Monitoring tyre temperature to improve racecar performance

A team of researchers is using infrared sensors from Micro-Epsilon to monitor the temperature of tyres on racing cars in real time ...

connecting industry | 04/2008 | connecting industry

Sensors measure up in applications

Non-contact sensors from Micro-Epsilon are proving to be a useful technology in glass measurement applications and for research projects...

Instrumentation | 03/2008 | Connecting Industry

A high performance sensor solution

Offering high resolution and speed, Micro-Epsilon’s capacitive displacement sensors offer a number of benefits for applications within production plants...

Instrumentation | 01/2008 | Connecting Industry

‘Live’ sensor demonstrations at Mtec solve real world measurement tasks

At this year’s Mtec 2008 exhibition (13-14 February 2008), sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon (UK) Ltd will be showcasing a range of unique sensor products on its brand new designed 30m2 stand...

Instrumentation | 01/2008 | Connecting Industry
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