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Fibre optic ratio pyrometer for hot metals

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thermometer-ctratio--34px.jpg (1 KB)) Fibre optic ratio pyrometer for hot metals 700 - 1800°C 40:1 0.7 - 1.1 µm

Infrared software Compact Connect included


• Measuring ranges (°C):
700 to 1800
•  Optical resolution 40:1
•  Spectral range 0.7 to 1.1µm
• Insensitive to changes of the emission, due to the ratio principle
•  Fibre optics, therefore passive sensor head
•  Single- or two-channel use
•  Resistant to electromagnetic influences
•  Very short acquisition time of 5 ms
•  Insensitive to dust or steam
•  Up to 250°C ambient temperature without cooling
•  Output options: 0/4 - 20mA, 0 - 5/10V, USB, RS232, RS 485, CAN, Profibus DP, Ethernet

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