Precise 3D sensor for the inspection of large surfaces

The surfaceCONTROL 2500 series is designed for the inspection of diffuse surfaces such as metallic surfaces (uncoated, electroplated, EPD), plastic surfaces and ceramics. The sensor uses the fringe projection principle and scans the surface. Therefore a sequence of structured light pattern is projected on the measuring object. The calibrated cameras use this pattern for searching corresponding points, from which the 3D data is calculated. Sensors with different measurement areas and resolutions are available.

Application examples:

  • Injection molded components such as car fender, fuel doors or covers on the doors and sliding roofs
  • Composite parts (SMC) such as tailgates or spoilers
  • Inspection of the dashboard
  • Homogeneity of a furniture front

Technical data:

  • Large measuring field up to 575 x 435 x 300 mm³
  • Resolution from 0.25 mm (lateral)
  • Interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet (image data output), USB 2.0 (sensor control)

surfaceCONTROL DefMap3D software for individual surface analysis

surfaceCONTROL DefMap3D is the most comprehensive software solution for the detection and analysis of surface defects. It includes all components and processes required for set up, configuration and evaluation of inspection tasks.

The wide range of features equally supports the analysis of individual parts, the measurement of small series as well as the robot-supported inspection of several measuring fields. Sensor control, calculation of the 3D point cloud and defect detection can be automated using macro commands.

As part of the surface analysis, the software provides several methods of detecting and objectively evaluating sahpe errors within the surface data. The targeted use of different filter types can reduce the effects of surface structures (e.g. graining). A report containing the inspection results is generated. surfaceCONTROL DefMap3D is available in different versions whose scope of performance is oriented towards different measurement tasks.


For the inspection of the surface of components in different places, surfaceCONTROL Mobile is the ideal solution. The portable system, which consists of a laptop and a sensor, can be safely transported in a carry case. It can be mounted on a tripod. The standard measuring area is about 410 mm x 300 mm.


The surfaceCONTROL Compact system is available for the inspection of small test pieces up to about 200 mm x 300 mm. The sensor is permanently integrated into a housing. Amongst other things, surfaceCONTROL Compact is suitable for the inline inspection of injection molding and die cast metal components.


When mounting the sensor to a robot, the system can be quickly and easily adapted to different measurement tasks. Six degrees of freedom of the robot are available. According to the requirements, a robot with a certain dimension can be chosen. If the component is positioned on a rotary table as seventh axis, it can be turned towards the sensor reducing the required outreach of the robot. Due to surfaceCONTROL Robotic large components can undergo a complete inspection with only one sensor.

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