Fibre optic sensors

Fibre optic sensors from Micro-Epsilon are made for high performance applications. In applications where conventional position sensors cannot be mounted due to restricted space, high vibration, extreme heat or corrosive environments, our range of fibre optic sensors are well suited.

High quality glass fibres and robust electronic amplifiers are used to ensure the highest level of measurement performance and stability. Plastic fibres are also available for food based applications. The system design is completely modular which enables the user to select the most suitable optical fibre for the application and connect this to a remote electronic amplifier.

Applications we have solved with this technology include monitoring the presence and detection of small objects, positioning control in high speed applications, through to web-edge detection and diameter measurement. Select from many different fibre variations with different protective sleeves, focussing lenses, thru-beam or reflective.

Fibre optic with increased vibration protection

Glass fibres are very flexible due to their small diameter and they can be bent or guided in virtually any position. However, glass fibres can break due to hard shocks or jerky movements (strong positive or negative accelerations). Especially for these conditions, our Micro Epsilon offers fibres with increased vibration protection. Friction between the internal  glass fibres is minimised by a special treatment and shocks are reduced by damping.

Fibre optic with special bonding for high temperatures (T250) (T400) (T600)

The glass fibres can be bonded for high temperature ranges. The standard bonding is suitable for temperatures up to 80°C. Temperatures of up to 250°C and even 400°C can be reached when special adhesives are used. For higher temperature ranges it is necessary to use stainless steel sheathing. Temperatures of up to 600°C can be reached with metallic fibres and with sapphire optics installed.

Custom designed fibre optics

Other types of fibre optics can be supplied on request. These include UV fibres, special infrared fibres, wide-angle fibres or plastic fibres. Customer-specific glass fibres are also available: One of the strengths of the Micro-Epsilon Eltrotec optical fibre production is the manufacturing of very complex fibres, in both large and small quantities.

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  • Different electronics, depending on the measuring task
  • Fibre optics appropriate to the measuring task
  • High-quality fibre optics for high signal quality
  • An excellent price-performance ratio

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