Programmable optical micrometer for measurements over 2000mm

Laser micrometer for large measurement distances
optoCONTROL 1220
Laser micrometer for large measurement distances

The optoCONTROL 1220-28, is a self-contained high performance optical micrometer, specifically designed for measuring edges, diameters and gaps with up to 28mm dimensions. This model is able to measure accurately even with a separation between transmitter and receiver of up to 2,000mm!

Remote configuration via free PC software makes it simple to configure values such as left/right edge, centre, gap width. A data logging feature is included in the software, to enable recording of data over a number of days if required. Additionally, alarm limits and analogue outputs can be scaled from the software. 

Alternatively, the ‘Teach In’ feature is used to teach new values directly to the sensor without the need for PC connection.

Simple external triggering of the measurement is possible using one of the digital input values.

The large separation of  up to 2m ensure that even hot targets can be measured in the process without damaging the sensor or causing errors in the measurement due to thermal drift. An optional mounting frame is available for a robust installation.

  • 2 digital inputs for teach-in and triggering
  • 2 digital outputs for error alarm limits
  • Remote configuration via PC with free software
  • Measurement range 28mm
  • Resolution of typ. 2μm
  • Working distance of up to 2,000mm
  • Robust aluminium housing suitable for industrial use
  • Optics cover from scratch resistant glass
  • Optional mounting rail, for measurements up to 400mm separation

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