Non-contact inline profile thickness measurement of calenders (thickness 0.3mm to 18mm)

For the production of reeled resistors or sheet goods in calenders the thickness measurement is a vital factor for controlling and monitoring the production process. By applying systems of the RTP series, the profile thickness can be measured in various accuracy classes, thickness ranges and material widths.


  • Permanent high product quality while reducing raw material use
  • Fast controlling during warm up or product change due to adaptive traversing speed and high-dynamically measurement
  • No consequential costs due to isotopes or X-rays
  • Wear-free measurements instead of half time of radiometric tests
  • Highest temperature stability due to in-situ calibration
  • Customer-specific adjustable interface

Material parameters:

  • Material width from 50 mm to 3,800 m
  • Material feed to 25 m/min
  • Permitted material surface temperature max.: 100°C

Products of the RTP family are designed as C- or O-frames which are equipped with application-specific sensor technology (thru-beam, triangulation or laser line triangulation).

  • Linearität ±5 µm
  • Messpalt 15 mm
  • Dimensionelle Dickenmessung, keine Abhängigkeit von Materialkomponenten

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