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Welcome to the latest edition of the Micro-Epsilon newsletter. This edition will focus on our growing range of Infra red temperature measurement sensors. We have a rapidly expanding range of products and many new, innovative features and a low OEM pricing position. If you are measuring temperature in your machine or process, we are very interested to talk to you about the benefits of the thermoMETER range of products.


IR sensor for intricate measurement tasks

The new thermoMETER CTratio quotient pyrometer provides completely new benefits: Measurements that are unaffected by the emissivity, which are also reliable in harsh conditions such as strong smoke or steam in front of the sensor, and are immune to electromagnetic fields, with measuring ranges between 700°C and 1800°C. This sensor is one of the high-end models of the thermoMETER range.


New Inline Process Imager is a Fraction of the Cost

The new thermoIMAGER TIM is an inline version of the conventional handheld thermal imagers. Included as standard is free software that enables users to both configure all the adjustable parameters of the thermoIMAGER and capture (at 100Hz full frame rate) and store images or video for play back at a later date – an important feature for R&D purposes. The camera is well suited to process control, quality and R&D applications, across a wide range of industries, including plastics, packaging, FMCG, thermoforming, automotive, paper, printing, textiles, food, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, medical engineering and machine building.


Ever growing range of temperature sensors

The product group thermoMETER offers an extensive range of various models for non-contact temperature measurement. Our latest 56 page catalogue describes sensors for almost all applications and environments: -40 to +1800 °C; upto 250 °C, ambient without cooling; built in laser sighting; from 1μm to 14 μm; wavelengths for specific materials, including Metals, Glass, Plastics.


Micro-Epsilon UK at Maintec

Visitors to this year’s MAINTEC 2010 exhibition (2-4 March 2009), will have the opportunity to look at a new range of temperature sensing products from Micro-Epsilon (UK) Ltd (stand C3). These products include a new range of low cost handheld thermal imaging cameras, as well as a new range of non-contact, inline process temperature sensors.



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