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Micro Epsilon is pleased to announce many new product launches this year which include blue laser sensors for hot targets, eddy current sensors with auto calibration, high resolution, low cost thermal cameras, confocal sensors with Ethernet connectivity, and completely new product groups such as colour measurement sensors.

The 2012 product guide is now available which covers the above products in much more detail.
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Laser Displacement Sensors

optoNCDT 2300: High speed 50kHz, self contained laser sensor offers world leading performance in resolution and linearity, with Ethernet and EtherCAT as standard
[go to optoNCDT 2300]

optoNCDT 1700BL: new BLUE laser technology for measurement against glowing hot surfaces up to 1600°C or translucent surfaces such as plastics and organic materials, e.g. skin, foodstuff
[go to optoNCDT 1700BL]


Eddy Current

New DT3100 range with Smart Sensor Auto Calibration – no calibration necessary! Sensors are simply connected to the controller and the calibration data is automatically uploaded for both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous targets.



Thermal Imagers

The range of extremely compact and high speed Thermal IMagers TIM series has expanded to include the TIM450 with 40mK resolution at 80Hz. Unmatched by any compact thermal imager, this device enables the smallest temperature differences to be detected.

The TIM series starts from just £2950 including all software tools!



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