Industrial coating thickness measurement on CFRP

ISC 1000

The ISC1000 is a high-performance device for precise measurements of coating thicknesses. Its innovative technology based on microwaves allows this compact, handheld measuring instrument to measure the total layer thickness of insulating materials on CFRP and metal substrates in a non-destructive way without coupling medium. This coating thickness measuring device is used for random sample checks, process control and quality inspection.

  • Suitable for CFRP measurements
  • Measures the total thickness of insulating layers up to 1000 µm
  • No minimum layer thickness required
  • Non-destructive
  • Precise, fast and simple measurement via push button
  • Resolution 1 µm
  • Residue-free measurement without coupling medium or spade-/rework

Unmatched precision with a large range of features

The ISC1000 measures CFRP substrates and metals with a resolution of 1 µm. The large controller display indicates the measurement values. Furthermore, diverse features such as statistical functions, storage options with USB data export, individual calibration possibilities and dynamic tilt prevention are available. Based on absolute process capability, the ISC1000 provides reliable and metal-independent measurement values, even on curved surfaces.

Fields of application

  • CFRP substrates and metal substrates (carrier material) > 1 µm
  • Dry, electrically insulating coatings such as paint or plastic
  • Inspection tasks and random sample checks
  • Flat and curved surfaces

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