Micro-Epsilon – About us
Micro-Epsilon – About us
Micro-Epsilon Group – About us
Products and measuring principles
surfaceCONTROL 3D 3500 - High-precision 3D-sensor for the inspection of geometry, shape and surface
optoNCDT 1900 - Smart laser sensors for precise measurements
interferoMETER - High Precision White Light Interferometer
scanCONTROL - 3D laser scanner for inline quality inspection
3DInspect - Powerful software for all Micro-Epsilon 3D sensors
scanCONTROL - 3D Laser Scanner for Inline Quality Inspection
thicknessGAUGE - Sensor System for Precise Thickness Measurements
scanCONTROL - Application Study // Process Control with Concrete Printing
reflectCONTROL - 3D Measurement of Shiny Surfaces
scanCONTROL - Application Study // Path Tracking // KUKA Robots
Laser distance sensor for industrial applications - optoNCDT ILR2250
Capacitive sensors – Operation principle
Confocal chromatic sensors – Operation principle
High precision white light interferometer – interferoMETER
Inductive sensors (eddy current) – Operation principle
Laser sensors – Operation principle
Compact laser triangulation sensors – optoNCDT 1320/1420
Highly dynamic laser sensor – optoNCDT 2300
High Precision Blue Laser Displacement Sensor – optoNCDT 2300-2DR
Blue Laser triangulation sensors
Magneto-inductive sensors – Operation principle
Draw-wire displacement and position sensors – Operation principle
3D View – interactive 3D visualisation software
TIM Connect – software for IR thermal image analysis
Precise True Colour sensors – colourSENSOR CFO100/200
colorSENSOR - fast colour checking of plastic parts
scanCONTROL 3060 – High-Performance Laser Scanner
scanCONTROL – 3D scanning before plasma cutting
wireSENSOR – Synchronisation Monitoring of Telescopic Lifting Platforms
Rigid endoscopes
Precise sensors for the battery production
Sensors for wind turbines
Sensors for automotive production
Measuring and inspection systems for the metal processing industry
Painted surface inspection
Measuring the thickness of display glass

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