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Sensors for wind turbines

Capacitive sensors - Operation principle

Confocal chromatic sensors - Operation principle

boreCONTROL - Operation principle

Inductive sensors (eddy current) - Operation principle

Laser sensors - Operation principle

Compact laser triangulation sensors - optoNCDT 1320/1420

Highly dynamic laser sensor - optoNCDT 2300

High Precision Blue Laser Displacement Sensor – optoNCDT 2300-2DR

Blue Laser triangulation sensors

Magneto-inductive sensors - Operation principle

Recommended sensor technology

Draw-wire displacement and position sensors - Operation principle

Recommended sensor technology

Sensors for automotive production

Measuring and inspection systems for the metal processing industry

Painted surface inspection

3D View - interactive 3D visualisation software

TIM Connect - software for IR thermal image analysis

Precise True Colour sensors - colourSENSOR CFO100/200

Rigid endoscopes

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