Thermal imaging cameras for injection moulding processes

Inline thermography for injection molding processes
Inline thermography for injection molding processes

moldCONTROL is a thermography solution for recognising quality fluctuations in injection moulding production. This system incorporates a compact, industrial thermal imaging camera, including miniature PC and industry-specific evaluation software. In order to perform the thermography, the handling system presents the injected component to the moldCONTROL thermal imaging camera, which is taking IR images. The software compares the infrared images associated with the component (actual) to stored references (target). The identified temperature differences provide the basis for a good/bad decision reported back to the handling system. The limit values for different components and tools can be stored in a component database. Based on these settings, defective components are removed. Optionally, the IR image of the defective part can be stored onto the hard disk of the miniature PC.

  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • No contrast problems with black and dark grey specimens compared to visual image processing
  • 360° inspection via up to 6 views of a component
  • Different IR camera models for best possible adaptation to the respective component size
  • Cost-effective and fast integration into existing removal systems and machine control systems
  • Increase in productivity by cycle time reduction

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