Colour Recognition Sensors and LED Analysers

Colour recognition and colour measurement for self-luminous objects and surfaces

Inline colour measurement is now possible with the colorCONTROL ACS 7000 colour measurement system. The system is a high speed, true colour measurement system which identifies colours in the XYZ; L*a*b*; L* u* v*; RGB measurement definitions (user selectable).


Colour sensors of the LT series capture the colour in TrueColour quality. This is comparable in quality to the human eye.


colorSENSOR OT colour sensors are fixed lens sensors with True-Colour detection. The sensor automatically illuminates the surface with white light and records the reflected colour values.


The colorCONTROL MFA is applied on the flexible colour and intensity control on LEDs displays and coloured objects. A special benefit is the flexible positioning of the measuring unit to the objects.