Non-contact offline profile thickness measurement of tread strips and side wall material

The profilometer thicknessCONTROL TCP8301.T-Offline is applied for sampling regarding the extrusion process of treads, side wall and inner liner material. The system offers measuring results in high precision and allows therefore an efficient production as well as a fully recorded quality control.


  • Manual measurements which are prone to error are replaced and quality control is optimised
  • More efficient, manual setting of the extrusion nozzle reduces consumption of material
  • No consequential costs due to isotopes or X-rays
  • Wear-free measurements instead of half time of radiometric tests
  • Statistical documentation and permanent improvement of the production process
  • Economical solution to control various lines by one system

Material parameters:

  • Material width to 600mm
  • Material thickness to 50mm

The system TCP8301.T-Offline is equipped with optical sensors and has an application specific operators' frontend which provides all necessary data regarding the organisation of the extrusion process of treads and side walls.

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