Sensors for displacement, distance and position

Precise sensors for distance, displacement and position measurements

Distance sensors from Micro-Epsilon are ideally suited for the precise measurement of distance, displacement, position as well as thickness. Due to their high integration capability, the sensors are used in machine building  and factory automation.

Eddy current sensor systems from Micro-Epsilon are designed for high performance non-contact measurement in harsh environments. Whether measuring displacement, position, gap or vibration, Micro-Epsilon has a huge range of sensor and controller options to solve your task.

Working in high pressures, extreme temperature, immersed in liquids or high shock and vibration, eddy current sensors are proven to remain reliable and stable in some of the most demanding environments.

Capacitive sensors from Micro-Epsilon perform non-contact measurements of displacement, distance and position of electrically conductive targets with high precision.

With more than 380 laser triangulation sensor versions available from stock, Micro-Epsilon’s optoNCDT laser triangulation portfolio for displacement, distance and position measurement is the widest range available worldwide.

The product portfolio is categorised into entry-level, mid-range and high-performance sensor series. At each performance level, Micro-Epsilon laser sensors are all of high quality, offer a very competitive pricing structure and often much higher measurement performance than other comparable laser sensors on the market.

The technical litreature can be downloaded here which summarises the key performance features of each sensor series.

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The confocal measurement principle is designed for high accuracy, non contact displacement distance and position measurement against any surface: solid, transparent, polished mirrored surfaces, low reflective matt surfaces and even liquids. If a surface is transparent, a one sided thickness measurement can be achieved with inbuilt correction for the material refractive index.

Quite often confocal sensors are selected when laser triangulation or other optical sensors are not accurate or stable enough on the surface being measured. In addition, confocal sensors have an extremely small spot diameter, typically a few microns and measure in the vertical plane, so do not suffer from shadowing of the reflected light. This also enables measurement into small bores and holes.

Almost all industries benefit from this measurement principle as it can be used in both R&D and in-process measurements. In particular, the semiconductor, micro lens, automotive part, medical, glass, and MEMS industries use this sensor technology in many ways. 

The innovative white light interferometers from Micro-Epsilon set a benchmark in high-precision distance and thickness measurements. These sensors enable stable measurement results with sub-nanometre resolution offering a comparatively large measuring range and offset distance. The interferometers are available in 3 series: the IMS5400-DS for high-precision industrial distance measurements, the IMS5400-TH for accurate thickness measurements and the vacuum-suitable IMS5600-DS for distance measurements with picometre resolution.

Laser distance sensors are designed for non-contact distance measurements: laser gauges for measuring ranges up to 10m, laser distance sensors for up to 270m. These sensors are used for positioning and type classification in machine building and handling equipment.

Micro Epsilon has an extremely wide range of inductive LVDT position sensors with multiple product families, collectively known as the induSENSOR series. From simple low cost LVDT sensors to world leading customer specific solutions, all can be supplied from one source.

As well as conventional LVDT types: with both free core and spring loaded gauge LVDT’s, Micro Epsilon has developed a range of inductive sensors that can offer the user many real world advantages:

Whether that is a more compact installation footprint, integrated electronics, pressure resistant to 450bar, extreme high shock to 300g (axial), or high operating temperature of 210° C, we are sure we have a sensor to meet your requirements.

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Draw wire position sensors from Micro Epsilon are a simple yet robust method of measuring displacements, position and movement. Micro Epsilon has one of the largest families of draw wire sensors with almost all sensors available from stock.

The measurement ranges are from 50mm up to 50,000mm, with many different electrical output options: potentiometer, voltage, current, incremental and absolute encoder, as well as PROFIBUS and CANBUS, available on most ranges.

Environmental protection levels range from IP54 up to IP68 making the sensors suitable for extreme industrial environments. Sensors with GRP bodies are also available for lower cost applications.

Draw wire sensors can be used for R&D, test, OEM integration and retrofit to an existing process or machine environment.

Micro Epsilon are specialists in OEM modification of draw wire sensor designs for OEM applications and have many modified variants already existing as well as the ability to develop complete new specifications if required.

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Common applications include:

  • hydraulic cylinder position measurement,
  • Lifting platforms, Off highway vehicles
  • Automotive and Aerospace testing,
  • Factory automation,
  • Medical devices,
  • Structural monitoring of buildings, platforms, and plant
  • Industrial machinery and automation
  • Laboratory and test rigs

Draw wire sensors are also known in the industry as cable transducers, cable-extension transducers, string potentiometers, draw wire transducers, yo yo pots, linear position string pots, and string encoders.

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