ThicknessSENSOR Compact, affordable with 0,01mm accuracy

The new thicknessSENSOR is a complete solution that has been designed for customers who require a simple, high accuracy, compact, thickness measurement system that is fully assembled, ready to use and affordable [low cost].

High precision and compact design.

It opens up a variety of application possibilities in terms of non-contact thickness measurement where expensive system integration is not an option. The high precision thicknessSENSOR measures the thickness of strip, plate and film material such as plastics, metals, composites and fabrics. Due to its extremely compact design, this sensor system can also be integrated in a confined installation space.

The fully assembled system means there is no need for frame construction or complex aligning. The compact C-frame system consists of two award winning ILD1420 displacement sensors that are fixed opposite to each other on a frame and measure against the target from both sides. The thickness measurement is calculated using an integrated controller and output as analogue values via voltage and current or in digital form via Ethernet.

The new thicknessSENSOR is very easy to use and configure. The intuitive user interface has different configurations for specific measurement tasks with predefined settings, which means the system can be easily and quickly adapted to a range of different measurement applications.

Up to eight user-specific sensor settings can be stored and exported in the setup programme. Video signal display, signal peak selection and freely adjustable signal averaging enable experienced users to optimise the system for specific measurement tasks. A region of interest (ROI) function allows background signal noise to be filtered out again improving measurement performance. .



  1. Measuring range 10 mm / 25 mm
  2. Measurement widths 200 mm / 400 mm
  3. Excellent linearity
  4. Measurement Speed up to 4kHz
  5. Easy integration: immediately ready for use due to pre mounted & aligned sensors
  6. Ease of use and configuration via web interface
  7. Precise measurement results with high dynamic targets
  8. Non-contact and wear-free thickness measurements
  9. Compact system – ‘out of the box’, ‘Plug &Play’ functionality
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