SHSLab wavefront sensors

Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors

The SHSLab wavefront sensor system is a powerful and comprehensive measurement solution for a multitude of optical applications, such as:

  • alignment of optical systems
  • measurement of imaging quality
  • surface shape measurement
  • laser beam characterisation

It pairs the SHSCam wavefront sensor head with SHSWorks wavefront analysis software and delivers high speed, single-shot measurements with excellent accuracy.


Why SHSLab?

  1. High speed, single-shot measurements
  2. Excellent unreferenced accuracy
  3. Extreme dynamics and broad spectral range
  4. High intrinsic stability and reliability
  5. Powerful, customizable evaluation software
  6. Versatile and flexible usage
  7. Optocraft´s systems are in operation in many demanding customer applications
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SHSLab wavefront sensor applications

SHSCam family

SHSLab wavefront sensors consist of SHSCam wavefront sensor head and SHSWorks software. SHSCam wavefront sensors are available for different spectral ranges (UV, VIS/NIR, SWIR) and with different detection area and lateral resolution.

Data sheet : SHSCam: Overview wavefront sensor heads

SHSLab performance - examples

SHSWorks - advanced wavefront metrology software

Powerful and comprehensive wavefront analysis software package:

  • Complete Zernike analysis
  • PSF/MTF calculation
  • Laser beam parameter calculation
  • Quick-setup using predefined configurations
  • Pass/Fail analysis
  • Advanced reporting and data logging

Advanced wavefront evaluation

Wavefront analysis using Zernike polynomials, calculation of PSF/MTF, laser beam parameters and refractive data.

Why Optocraft?

Optocraft has been developing and manufacturing Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors since 2001. With decades of experience in optical metrology and design, we constantly push the limits of this technology. Our systems can be found all over the world and cover even the most demanding applications. Our customers enjoy our dedicated and reliable support. We love to be challenged - try us!