scanCONTROL 29x0

Detection of the finest of details with high profile resolution

Compact laser scanner for high precision

The scanCONTROL 29x0 series is focused on compact size and low weight. The controller is integrated in the housing, simplifying cabling arrangements and mechanical integration. Due to its compact design and high profile resolution, this series is especially suitable for static, dynamic and robotic applications that require highest precision.



  1. Measuring ranges z-axis up to 265 mm
  2. Measuring ranges x-axis up to 143.5 mm
  3. Measurement speed up to 2,000 Hz
  4. Measuring rate up to 2,560,000 points/sec
  5. Line linearity z-axis from 1 μm
  6. Resolution x-axis up to 1,280 points
  7. Also available with blue laser
  8. Compatible with Cognex VisionPro
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Small measuring range, high resolution

With a measuring range of 10 mm and a resulting point distance of only 7.8 μm, the scanCONTROL 29x0-10/BL scanner reproduces the smallest of details with high precision. The excellent focusing capability of the blue laser line makes even fine structures clearly visible. This enables maximum precision for versatile applications, e.g., in the electronics production or medical engineering.

Available measuring ranges