Durable draw-wire displacement sensor for miscellaneous measurement tasks


Draw-wire miniature sensors for restricted installation space


Robust sensors for harsh, industrial environments


Greatest variety of sensors

Draw wire position sensors

Draw wire position sensors from Micro Epsilon are a simple yet robust method of measuring displacements, position and movement. Micro Epsilon has one of the largest families of draw wire sensors with almost all sensors available from stock.

The measurement ranges are from 50mm up to 50,000mm, with many different electrical output options: potentiometer, voltage, current, incremental and absolute encoder, as well as PROFIBUS and CANBUS, available on most ranges.

Environmental protection levels range from IP54 up to IP68 making the sensors suitable for extreme industrial environments. Sensors with GRP bodies are also available for lower cost applications.

Draw wire sensors can be used for R&D, test, OEM integration and retrofit to an existing process or machine environment.

Micro Epsilon are specialists in OEM modification of draw wire sensor designs for OEM applications and have many modified variants already existing as well as the ability to develop complete new specifications if required.

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Common applications include:

  • hydraulic cylinder position measurement,
  • Lifting platforms, Off highway vehicles
  • Automotive and Aerospace testing,
  • Factory automation,
  • Medical devices,
  • Structural monitoring of buildings, platforms, and plant
  • Industrial machinery and automation
  • Laboratory and test rigs

Draw wire sensors are also known in the industry as cable transducers, cable-extension transducers, string potentiometers, draw wire transducers, yo yo pots, linear position string pots, and string encoders.



  1. Draw-wire sensors for displacement, distance and position measurements up to 50,000 mm
  2. Ideal for difficult-to-access positions
  3. Resolution towards infinity
  4. Easy, fast and flexible mounting
  5. Ideal for customized models
  6. Compact sensor housing combined with a large measuring range
  7. High operational safety and long service life
  8. Analog and digital outputs
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