colourSENSOR CFO100 / 200 / 250

Inline colour measurement for process industry and automation

Compact True Colour Sensor

State-of-the-art colour measurement technology makes the new colorSENSOR CFO100 and CFO200 the ideal solutions across multiple industries. Used within the food industry, automotive, printing and packaging control industries, cosmetics and medical.

The CFO100 & CFO200 colour sensors use XYZ colour space technology, producing high accuracy colour measurements, combined with modern interfaces such as Ethernet and user-friendly operation via buttons and indicator LEDs. A reproducibility of ∆E ≥ 0.5/∆E ≥ 0.3 enables reliable detection of even the finest of colour graduation; CFO100 has a measuring rate of up to 10 kHz and a colour memory of 256 in 6 colour groups. The CFO200 has a measuring rate of up to 20 kHz and a colour memory of 320 in 254 colour groups.

ColorSENSOR CFO100 and CFO200 are ideal for restricted areas as the sensor head requires minimum space. A large range of sensor heads fulfill the requirements of various measurement tasks and customer-specific adaptions. They have maximum installation flexibility as the sensors can be installed outside critical areas where vacuum, high temperatures and explosive areas have no influence on the measurement.



  1. High measurement speed for dynamic processes
  2. Large colour memory for different test batches
  3. High colour accuracy
  4. Colour space: XYZ; L*a*b*; L*u*v* or u'v'L*
  5. Light source: white light LED
  6. Ethernet and RS232 process interfaces and additional USB port for CFO200
  7. Robust aluminium housing
  8. Protection class IP65
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Highest precision for the distinction of slightest colour differences

The sophisticated CFO controller enables the detection of slightest colour differences. Its powerful light source combined with fibre optic sensors allows the distinction of colors on dark surfaces as well as on shiny, reflective and structured metals.

Intuitive operation via web interface

The integrated, intuitive web interface simplifies configuration of the CFO sensor. The sensor is connected to a PC via an Ethernet interface. The web interface features measurement value display, set up and configuration of e.g. exposure and measurement frequency. Furthermore, the sensor can be adapted to suit different colour groups and tolerance space for each colour.

Fast output of measurement values

The colorSENSOR CFO performs an internal evaluation based on taught-in colour values at up to 30 kHz and outputs the result via digital switching signals. In addition, the raw data can be transmitted directly to a PLC or machine system in Lab or XYZ at up to 500 Hz via a UDP, RS232 or USB interface. This can be done continuously or only on demand. Corresponding edge or level triggers also control for how long or how many measured values are output.

Powerful multi-teach feature

The multi-teach function allows for geometry-dependent colour variants to be taught in colour groups. Since the detected colors vary with different distances between sensor and measuring object, these colour variants can easily be taught into a colour group. Individual colour groups can be created for different colour shades.

Customer-specific calibration

In order to improve the recognition performance and to reduce deviating measurement values between several sensors for a certain configuration, customers can request a customer-specific calibration for the colorSENSOR CFO200. Therefore, the sensor and the controller are calibrated to the customer-specific reference target in the measurement arrangement required. A measurement deviation of Delta E < 1 between the individual systems can be achieved. Due to the calibration, the sensors are exchangeable and measure colors which have almost the same Lab values.