Colour sensors and LED Analyzers

Precise inline colour measurement

Colour sensors from Micro-Epsilon measure colour values, intensity and functions in a wide range of applications.

State-of-the-art colour measurement technology makes the new colorSENSOR CFO100 and CFO200 the ideal solutions across multiple industries. Used within the food industry, automotive, printing and packaging control industries, cosmetics and medical.

The CFO100 & CFO200 colour sensors use XYZ colour space technology, producing high accuracy colour measurements, combined with modern interfaces such as Ethernet and user-friendly operation via buttons and indicator LEDs. A reproducibility of ∆E ≥ 0.5/∆E ≥ 0.3 enables reliable detection of even the finest of colour graduation; CFO100 has a measuring rate of up to 10 kHz and a colour memory of 256 in 6 colour groups. The CFO200 has a measuring rate of up to 20 kHz and a colour memory of 320 in 254 colour groups.

ColorSENSOR CFO100 and CFO200 are ideal for restricted areas as the sensor head requires minimum space. A large range of sensor heads fulfill the requirements of various measurement tasks and customer-specific adaptions. They have maximum installation flexibility as the sensors can be installed outside critical areas where vacuum, high temperatures and explosive areas have no influence on the measurement.

Inline colour measurement is now possible with the  colorCONTROL ACS7000 colour measurement system. The system is a high speed, true colour measurement system which identifies colours in the XYZ; L*a*b*; L* u* v*; RGB measurement definitions (user selectable).

The ACS7000 system can continually monitor a production process and output the colour measurement via Ethernet/EtherCAT, RS 422 and can also be taught pass fail/limits and then output out of tolerance alarms using digital I/O.

Measurement speeds from 25Hz to 2000Hz can be set and the system can measure with a precision ΔE ≤ 0.08

The system can also be used in offline and R&D/Lab environment.

The  colorCONTROL ACS7000 colour measurement system not only recognises reference colours by comparison, but identifies individual colours clearly from their coordinates in the colour space. With its very high measurement speeds, the  colorCONTROL ACS7000 is suitable for applications where colours and shades have to be examined on-the-fly and to very high accuracies.

The colorCONTROL MFA is used for flexible colour inspections and intensity testing of LEDs, displays and colored objects. The flexible positioning of the sensors in relation to the objects, as well as their high repeatability, measuring rates and dynamics are particularly favorable. One colorCONTROL MFA monitors up to 28 test objects simultaneously.

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