surfaceCONTROL 3D 3500

High precision 3D inline shape and surface inspections

3D sensors for geometry and surface inspections

The new generation of Micro-Epsilon’s 3D sensors impresses with high accuracy during measurement and assessment of components and surfaces. The surfaceCONTROL and reflectCONTROL inspection systems from Micro-Epsilon are intended for matt and shiny surfaces respectively. The 3D snapshots are recorded in a short time and provide detailed 3D point clouds.

These 3D sensors are used, e.g., for geometric component testing, position determination, presence checks and the measurement of flatness or planarity. Thanks to their high performance, the sensors are used for inline applications, on robots and also for offline inspection.



  1. Precise inspection of geometry, shape and surface
  2. Powerful software for 3D measurement tasks and inspection
  3. Easy integration in all common 3D image processing packets
  4. Comprehensive SDK & evaluation software
  5. High accuracy for the detection of finest details
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Inline inspection with high precision

3D systems from Micro-Epsilon are used for a variety of measurement and inspection tasks on matt and shiny surfaces. The results can be documented and compared. This allows for important conclusions to be drawn for process improvements. All 3D sensors from Micro-Epsilon can be used in offline applications as well as in fully automated operation and on the robot.


3D laser scanners for inline quality inspection

The scanCONTROL 3D scanners are used for inline 3D scans with high accuracy.

scanCONTROL: 3D Laser scanner


surfaceCONTROL sensors enable high resolution surface scans in order to detect defects or form deviations with high accuracy.

surfaceCONTROL: Inspection of matt surfaces

reflectCONTROL Sensor

reflectCONTROL sensors are used for the surface inspection of shiny objects and achieve high X- and Z-resolutions.

reflectCONTROL: Inspection of reflecting and shiny surfaces

thicknessGAUGE 3D

The thicknessGAUGE 3D sensor systems are used for precise 2D/3D thickness measurements of strips, plates and sheets.

thicknessGAUGE 3D: Sensor system for 2D/3D inline measurements