Customer-specific capacitive sensors

Capacitive sensors for specific applications

Application examples are often found where the standard versions of the sensors and the controller are performing at their limits. For these special tasks, the measurement systems can be modified according to the customer’s individual requirements. Changes requested include, for example, modified designs, target calibration, mounting options, individual cable lengths, modified measuring ranges or sensors with integrated controller.


Customization solutions

  1. Modified measuring ranges and cable lengths
  2. Special sensor designs: clean room-compatible, for extremely low temperatures (4°K), material option (Invar® or Titanium), with thread
  3. Sensors with integrated electronics
  4. Special coordination to your target
  5. Output options
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Capacitive displacement sensors with Embedded Capa Technology (ECT)

Capacitive sensors with Embedded Capa Technology are designed using a innovative manufacturing technique, which provides the sensor with significantly higher long-term stability. The electrode is embedded in an extremely stable carrier material that provides significantly higher temperature stability compared to conventional sensor designs. This new technology enables different sensor designs in a temperature range from -270°C to +200°C.

Capacitive sensors for magnetic fields, very low temperatures (cryogenics) and vacuum

Available OEM products End

The capaNCDT6139 is designed for use in industrial environments. The compact sensor and flexible system design enable economical use in OEM applications such as:

  • Piezo actuators 
  • Levelling in Z-axis
  • X- and Y-axis positioning
  • Axial vibrations
  • Thermal expansion


  1. Non-contact measurement on all electrically-conductive materials

  2. High resolution of 2.5nm

  3. High frequency response (2kHz, -3dB)

  4. High repeatability of 5nm

  5. Compact sensor design (10mm)

  6. Controller can be integrated in customer-specific housing

  7. Ideal for small measuring ranges, e.g. 200µm