One-sided thickness measurement of plastic films and coatings

Two sensors combined in one housing for thickness measurement

The combination sensor, often referred to as the combiSENSOR, is a twin sensor technology in one housing. The sensor combines both eddy current and capacitive sensor technologies to allow precise thickness measurement of thin and thick film plastic films and foils.

The sensor is constructed with an outer eddy current sensor element and an inner capacitive sensor element to offer a unique sensor construction. This unique design, allows the eddy current section to penetrate through the plastic layer and measure the distance to an underside reference plate or roller. The capacitive sensor measures to the top surface of the plastic layer.

The sensor electronics, which is remotely attached to the sensor via signal cables, outputs upto 3 measurement signals (capacitive, eddy current and differential thickness) via both analogue volts 0-10VDC or 24 bit Ethernet connection. The differential thickness is calculated inside the controller by subtracting the two sensor signals.



  1. Simple film thickness measurement solution
  2. Insulator on metal layer thickness measurement
  3. Integrated temperature compensation for extreme stable measurements
  4. Thickness measurement in one axis eliminates alignment errors of two separate sensors
  5. Non-contact measurement gives wear-free and maintenance-free usage
  6. Resolution to 0.05μm
  7. Linearity of ±2.5μm
  8. Temperature Stability ±50ppm/°C
  9. No radiation and therefore simple and safe to install
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