Robust multi-channel sensor for multi-track measurements

Measuring Disc Thickness Variation

The capaNCDT DTV series is designed for non-contact detection of Disc Thickness Variation (DTV). Capacitive sensors for multi-track measurements and a carrying case including the complete measurement channel for mobile use are available.

With the capaNCDT DTV measurement system, capacitive displacement sensors determine the thickness of the brake discs from both sides based on the difference principle. While the brake disc rotates, the thickness deviation is determined via the circumference of the entire disc. Using several sensors in pairs or the CSH1,4FL multi-channel sensor makes multi-track thickness measurement possible. Thickness measurements can be carried out in test benches, in road tests or in car repair shops. The DTV case is intended for mobile use, e.g., for quality assurance purposes and warranty claims.



  1. Non-contact DTV measurement
  2. Multi-track thickness measurements
  3. Dynamic measurement up to 20kHz
  4. Robust sensor design for long-life operation
  5. Comprehensive software
  6. Real-time evaluation of the measured results
  7. Ease of use via web interface
  8. Analog interfaces, Ethernet, EtherCAT
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Robust multi-channel sensor for test benches and road tests

The innovative CSH1, 4FL multi-track sensor contains four capacitive sensors in one compact housing. This is how four tracks on the brake disc can be detected synchronously. Mirror-inverted sensor models mounted on the opposite sides of the brake disc enable accurate thickness measurement. A special ceramic substrate protects the sensors from mechanical and thermal loads, also providing high temperature stability, which enables precise measurement results in the case of fluctuating ambient temperatures.

Combined with the DT6220 controller, four sensor channels can be configured and processed synchronously. Due to the high bandwidth, dynamic measurements up to 5kHz (-3dB) are possible. Data output is via an analogue output or a digital Ethernet/EtherCAT interface. An intuitive web interface enables fast, easy set up and configuration of the sensor and controller.

Case for mobile use

The case contains a 2-channel controller incl. software licence, two capacitive sensors with corresponding cable and a bracket kit. The case enables thickness measurements of brake discs within a short period of time. The DTV data can be evaluated using a PC or notebook. The controller is activated for the Disc Thickness Variation Measurement Software from Micro-Epsilon. It is possible to hide the brake disc holes using special functions. Intelligent algorithms enable versatile evaluations without having to use an additional encoder.