Quality control in chocolate production

Customers demand flawless products. The first glance and optical appearance are often decisive factors in the purchasing decision. Production errors such as deformations, holes in the surface or undesired protruding edges affect the perfection desired by the customer.

For example, quality control in chocolate production is often a manual process at the end of the production process, either based on tactile measurements or using laser point sensors. This involves high timebased
and financial expenditure. A much more efficient method is to monitor the production process using
laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon.

The scanCONTROL 2960-100 laser scanner enables 100% control directly in the processing line. The scanCONTROL Configuration Tools software enables easy sensor set up and
configuration. With a throughput rate of more than 60 m/min, the high speed laser scanners detect each profile of the finished chocolate bars without contact and transmit this to the software. The inspection is now based on predefined parameters.

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