Colour sensor system for precise turbidity measurement

Liquids are ubiquitous in industrial manufacturing processes, for example in sewage treatment plants, drinking water treatment, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry or in food production. The colour or turbidity of the liquids allows conclusions to be drawn about both process and product quality. A change in liquid colour can influence the product quality and also affect manufacturing processes. Colour measuring systems from Micro-Epsilon reliably detect the smallest colour differences in the process and are therefore used for reliable colour and turbidity measurement of liquids. For precise liquid monitoring, the colourSENSOR CFO100 controller is used together with the CFS3-A30 transmission sensor.

Micro-Epsilon’s colourSENSOR CFO100 and CFO200 colour sensors impress with their high colour precision and repeatability. They are used, inter alia, for inline colour measurement of liquids. They reliably detect minor colour changes, which means that the sensors contribute to maintaining the highest quality standards. In addition, they significantly simplify testing processes, since laborious and cost-intensive sampling with laboratory analysis is no longer necessary. When washing out textiles after dyeing, for example, water can be saved because the measurement results determine the exact time at which the washout process is complete. In addition, resources and the environment can be conserved during wastewater treatment. These smart sensors combine precise colour measurement with high cost-effectiveness.

Operation is intuitive via the web interface. The attractive sensor system for precise material distinction consists of the CFO100 controller and the CFS3-A20 sensor. In addition to its high accuracy, it also impresses with an attractive price/performance ratio.

System design

  • Controller: colourSENSOR CFO100
  • Transmission sensor: CFS3-A20


  • Multi-teach function and storage in colour groups
  • Modern, user-friendly web interface
  • High colour accuracy and repeatability
  • Currently brightest illumination in this class

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