Capacitive displacement, distance and position sensors


Capacitive sensor systems from Micro-Epsilon provide a modular, expandable and cost effective measurement system for position, distance, gap, thickness or closed loop control in the nanometre, micrometre and mm range.

From single channel, low cost OEM capacitive sensors such as the capaNCDT 6110 series, to high performance modular capaNCDT 6200 series and up to the ultra-precision capaNCDT 6500 series; Micro-Epsilon has a simple and flexible solution for capacitive measurement, designed for R&D, test, OEM and production environments, where either flexibility to expand the measurement system and/or high precision measurement is key.

All sensors can be combined with any electronic controllers to create a measurement system. Select the preferred sensor head for your application and then choose the electronics based upon your technical requirements.

Advantages of capaNCDT sensors
  • Resolution from 0.0375nm
  • Linearity from 0.1μm
  • Repeatability from 0.0003 % FSO
  • Temperature range -270°C to +270°C as standard, (higher temperatures on request)
  • Long-term stability ±0.002 % FSO / month
  • 25 sensor versions from stock with measuring ranges from 0.05mm to 10mm

High interference immunity against magnetic fields

For environments with strong magnetic fields, Micro-Epsilon offers sensors and sensor cables which are made from non-magnetic materials such as titanium and stainless steel. The shielding achieved by the triaxial design provides extremely high immunity to interference.

Vacuum and clean room applications

Capacitive displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are often used in vacuum and clean room applications where they achieve resolutions in the subnanometre range in particle-free surroundings. For vacuum applications, Micro-Epsilon offers special sensors, cables and feed-through accessories. These sensors and cables are particle-free to a high degree and used in clean rooms up to clean room class ISO1.

Highest precision surrounded by extreme temperatures

Unlike conventional non-contact measurement techniques, capacitive displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are characterised by highest measurement accuracy. As thermally induced conductivity changes of the measurement object have no influence on measurements, the measurement values remain stable even with fluctuating temperatures. For example, capacitive displacement sensors are used for distance measurements of superconductive magnets. The temperature-resistant sensor design enables ambient temperatures up to -270 °C while maintaining maximum resolution of the measurement value.

New: Precise measurements at high ambient temperatures

For measurements of high temperatures up to +800 °C, the new CSE HT sensors are used. The high-temperature sensors are operated with the high-performance capaNCDT 6228 controllers.

Sensor and controller exchange without re-calibration

capaNCDT sensors and controllers can be exchanged quickly and easily. No need for calibration when sensors or controllers are replaced, just plug the new sensor into the existing controller and measurements are recorded instantly.

Simple configuration and interface options

The modern capaNCDT controllers are equipped with different interfaces such as Analogue, Ethernet, EtherCAT and PROFINET. An inbuilt web browser is used via Ethernet connection to setup and configure the controllers. Features such as, multi point linearisation for non-ideal targets, arithmetic functions and data capture are included as standard.

Analog RS485 Ethernet Ethercat Profinet

Sensors for customer specific applications and OEM

We can adapt our measurement system to customer-specific requirements. For example, custom sensor designs for difficult environments, specific target calibration, modified cable lengths and measuring ranges or sensors with integrated controllers. Click here to read more on OEM sensor designs.


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