Capacitive high speed measurements at maximum precision


The sensors measure against all electrically conductive materials, and with appropriate electronic circuitry even against insulators. Capacitive sensors are applied for high precision displacement, position and thickness measurements. Measurements can be carried out at an accuracy better than one nanometre.

Micro-Epsilon now holds a unique selling position in the market with its capaNCDT 6200. The modular controller can be extended to 4 channels. These channels can be added or removed by the user without any loss of performance or operation of the software, but are now combined with maximum flexibility.

This unique controller has an Ethernet interface; operation is effected via web interface. All capacitive displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon can be connected to the controller with no further calibration required. Customer-specific, characteristic curves can be saved and measurement accuracy maximized.

The measuring system includes a control unit and a demodulator for each sensor. The Ethernet interface integrated in the controller enables fast, easy configuration via web browser. The DL6230 demodulator provides high resolution measurements. The compact controller can be used as a benchtop unit, wall-mounted unit or DIN rail-mounted via an adapter.

The new capaNCDT 6222 is designed for high speed measurements up to 20 kHz. It is for example used in combination with three capacitive flat sensors when aligning an electron source in an electron accelerator. In this process, the tilting and change of the holder’s position during cooling from room temperature to 2 Kelvin (-271 °C) is monitored.

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