Capacitive displacement sensors with threaded bodies simplify mounting


Capa Threaded Housing
Capa Threaded Housing

The new capaNCDT sensors with thread and socket are available in four sizes: M8, M12, M16 and M24, with measuring ranges of 0.5mm, 1.25mm, 2mm and 3mm respectively.

The capaNCDT series is available in different designs and versions. The sensors are differentiated by their measuring range, their design and by the technology used to manufacture them. In addition to the threaded housings, the capaNCDT series is also available in a cylindrical design with female connector/socket in measuring ranges from 0.05mm up to 10mm; in a cylindrical design with integrated cable in measuring ranges from 0.2mm up to 2mm; as flat sensors with integrated cable in measuring ranges from 0.2mm up to 2mm; or as gap sensors in measuring ranges from 0.9mm up to 9mm. Replacing the sensors can be executed without requiring any recalibration and within a short time.

Chris Jones, Managing Director at Micro-Epsilon UK commented: “Being able to offer our already comprehensive range of non-contact capacitive sensors with a threaded option is very important to many of our customers, who need to quickly mount multiple sensors into their production environments. This is a real differentiator for us in the market when customers are comparing suppliers of capacitive displacement sensors.”

capaNCDT sensors operate on a non-contact, wear-free basis, achieving excellent results in terms of linearity, reproducibility and resolution.

Contrary to what many engineers may think, non-contact capacitive displacement sensors are not only suitable for use in clean environments such as laboratories, clean rooms and operating theatres. The latest sensors are designed to operate in dirty, dusty industrial environments too. While sub-micrometre precision is reached in typical industrial environments, high precision sub-nanometre measurements are possible in clean environments, where dirt, dust, oil or moisture are not present. The capaNCDT series is also suitable for the detection of fast moving objects and dynamic high speed processes, enabling fast, reliable measurements of motion sequences. Capacitive sensors are also suitable for use in vacuums and ultra high vacuum applications.

For special tasks, capaNCDT sensors and measurement systems can be modified according to a customer’s specific individual requirements. Changes requested include, for example, modified designs, target calibration, mounting options, individual cable lengths, modified measuring ranges or sensors with integrated controller.

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