Micro-Epsilon makes investment in new micro-mechatronics production centre to serve the semiconductor industry


Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon is investing in a production centre for micro-mechatronics at its headquarters in Germany. In the future, sensors developed for semiconductor and aerospace industry will be manufactured at the production centre, enabling a significant increase in its production volumes for the semiconductor industry over the coming years. Completion of the new centre is planned for spring 2021.

The production centre for micro-mechatronics is currently under construction at the Micro-Epsilon headquarters. The new building provides optimum conditions for the strict production and quality requirements associated with the semiconductor and aerospace industries. Products to be manufactured in this facility include sensors for current and future generations of semiconductor lithography machines, as well as sensors used for various measurement tasks in aircraft.

A particular focus of this building is its clean room and environmental capabilities. In addition to the high requirements for cleanliness, specific humidity and temperature values must also be maintained during production and assembly. In order to keep these environmental conditions constant, a sophisticated building monitoring and control system has been implemented which continually monitors and adjusts the air quality and particle levels to ensure these are maintained within precise limits.

»The new manufacturing area increases our production capacity and enables us to manufacture products of the highest quality and precision, which are important for the technological progress of solutions for demanding measurement tasks,« explains Dr. Thomas Wisspeintner, CEO at Micro-Epsilon. He also considers the new building for special sensor technology as an important milestone for the sustainable safeguarding and expansion of the company's business development. »The new production centre is a clear statement of intent that shows the business is continuing with its growth strategy, even in difficult times.«

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