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Absolute interferometer: New vacuum sensors with 90° beam path


The interferoMETER 5400-DS and 5600-DS absolute interferometers are used for distance measurement with nanometre accuracy. The product group has now been expanded to include new sensors with a large offset distance of 10 mm. These are designed for high-precision applications in clean room environments and in a vacuum, for example for measurements on coated wafers. A non-magnetic titanium UHV version also allows for use in strong magnetic fields, for example in MRI scanning or electron beam microscopes.

The design with a 90° beam path significantly reduces the required installation depth. Linearities of < ±50 nm or < ±10 nm are possible, depending on the choice of controller. The innovative absolute interferometers have extensive connection options for optimal integration into various control systems and production programs. They include digital interfaces such as Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS422, PROFINET and EtherNet/IP as well as an analogue output. The entire configuration of the controller and its sensors is carried out as usual via the web interface without additional software.