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sensorTOOL simplifies inductive multi-channel measurements

induktive Mehrkanalmessung mit sensorTOOL

The inductive multi-channel controllers MSC7602 and MSC7802 are compatible with the large range of LVDT and LDR displacement sensors and gauges. The controllers can be used for positioning tasks in machine building and automation, for shape and geometrical inspection in the field of quality control, material inspection in test systems, and clamping stroke measurements.

The inductive measuring systems stand out due to their high signal and temperature stability and their reliability. It is possible to adapt these systems according to customer specifications for serial applications. The controllers are specially designed for use in industrial applications. Depending on the model, installation is also possible via space-saving DIN rails, which enables direct integration in the control cabinet. For harsh industrial environments, robust aluminium die-cast housings with protection class IP67 are available.

For ease of use, Micro-Epsilon recommends the latest sensorTOOL version. It is even more user-friendly and supports rapid implementation of the sensors. In addition, the tool enables simplified parameter setting and data processing with multi-channel applications. The measurement values of several sensors can be displayed in the same chart.

The Micro-Epsilon sensorTOOL replaces previous product-related solutions and supports sensors from the entire Micro-Epsilon product range.

The following product groups are compatible:

optoNCDT, optoNCDT ILR, confocalDT, interferoMETER, optoCONTROL, eddyNCDT, capaNCDT, colorSENSOR, colorCONTROL, induSENSOR

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