The product group of inductive Sensors from Micro-Epsilon. Description of the product series:


  • VIP Series:
    Wear-free inductive potentiometric
    - Non-contact Sensor with measuring ring and integrated electronics
  • EDS Series:
    Eddy current displacement transducer
    - Long stroke Sensor for hydraulics & pneumatics
  • LVP Series:
    Linear variable potentiometric
    - Sensor with measuring plunger and integrated electronics
  • LIP Series:
    Linear inductive potentiometric
    - Linear displacement transducer with measuring plunger
  • LVDT Series:
    Linear variable displacement transducer
    - Gauging and Displacement Sensors with external electronics

Sensor technology applied

ICONNECTIFOVIlluminantsinduSENSORInterference emissionInterference immunityIR temperature measurement

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