High-resolution thermal imagers


The thermoIMAGER TIM QVGA and TIM VGA cameras are used for stationary thermography tasks where high resolution is required. Due to their high thermal sensitivity, these cameras also detect even the smallest of temperature differences. Both standard lenses and special microscope lenses are available for the TIM QVGA and TIM VGA cameras. The microscope lens enables detailed macro shooting of the smallest of elements. High-resolution macro shooting is possible with a spatial resolution of 28 µm. The distance between the target and the camera varies between 80 mm and 100 mm.

  • Measuring ranges from -20 °C to 900 °C
  • High resolution
  • High thermal sensitivity (up to 40 mK NETD)

TIM 40 is a robust industrial camera with an extremely compact design. This thermal imager offers excellent optical resolution and a distance-to-spot-size-ratio of 390:1. With a high frame rate of 80 Hz, the camera is used for monitoring of fast thermal processes. The motorized focus of the thermal imaging camera enables easy focus on targets via remote control. Its compact design makes the TIM 40 ideally suited to serial applications.

  • Measuring ranges: -20 to 100 °C / 0 to 250 °C / 150 to 900 °C
  • Optical resolution 382 x 288 pixels
  • Spectral range 8 to 14 µm
  • Thermal sensitivity (NETD) of 80 mK
  • Lenses with 18°, 29°, 53°, 80° FOV
  • Frame rate of 80 Hz
  • Power supply and operation via USB interface
  • Robust design with protection class IP67
  • Remote focusing with motorized focus
  • Ideal for serial applications

The new thermoIMAGER TIM QVGA infrared camera offers extremely high optical resolution of 382 x 288 pixels. It provides pin-sharp images and is therefore ideal for very small objects which can hardly be detected using common cameras. The maximum thermal sensitivity of 75 mK or 40 mK enables detecting the finest temperature differences reliably. However, the camera remains very small and flexible in its application covering a large temperature range of -20 °C up to 1500 °C.

  • Measuring ranges: -20 to 100 °C / 0 to 250 °C / 150 to 900 °C / option: 200 to 1500 °C
  • Optical resolution 382 x 288 pixels
  • Spectral range 8 to 14 µm
  • Excellent thermal sensitivity (NETD): 75 mK, 100 mK or 40 mK, 60 mK
  • Exchangeable lenses with 18°, 29°, 53° or 80° FOV
  • Image recording in real time at 80 Hz
  • Power supply and operation via USB interface
  • Smallest camera in its class (46 x 56 x 68-77 mm)
  • IP67
  • Digital communication via RS232 or DLL for software integration

Micro-Epsilon’s new thermal imaging camera, the thermoIMAGER TIM VGA, is able to record radiometric video images at an optical resolution of 640x480 pixels and is the smallest VGA-resolution infrared camera available today. With dimensions of 45x56x76-100 mm and weighing just 269 - 340g, compared to other similar-size cameras, the TIM VGA is the only camera in the marketplace that enables the recording of radiometric video images at 32Hz with a VGA resolution of 640x480 pixels. The line scan feature allows a frame rate up to 125Hz (subframe mode - 640 x 120 pixels).

With a thermal sensitivity of 75mK or 85mK this camera can detect very small temperature differences. At ambient temperatures of between 0 and 50°C, the camera can measure object temperatures ranging from -20°C to +900°C.

For easy process integration, the camera is supplied with the full TIM Connect software as standard. The software provides quick and easy set up together with a range of software tools that enable the cameras to be used in R&D tasks as well as process control.

A USB 2.0 interface allows video recording at 32Hz. This is highly beneficial for short term thermal measurement activities, which can then be analysed in slow motion playback if required. Individual snapshots can be taken from these recordings. Measurement points are freely selectable and can be analysed via user-defined areas of interest. Alarms can also be set up and displayed, as well as maximum, minimum and average temperatures.

The TIM VGA is supplied with an integral process interface for input and output of analogue and digital signals (alarms, temperature values, etc.). Open connectivity drivers are also provided for software integration via DLL, ComPort and LabVIEW, simplifying connectivity to fieldbus.

  • Measuring ranges: -20 to 100°C / 0 to 250°C / 150 to 900°C / option: 200 to 1500 °C
  • Optical resolution 640x480 pixels
  • Spectral range: 8 – 14µm
  • Excellent thermal sensitivity (NETD): 40 mK, 80 mK
  • Optics: 15°,33°, 60°,90° FOV
  • Image recording in real time with 32Hz with a frame rate up to 125Hz in the subframe mode (640 x 120 pixels)
  • Supply and operation via USB
  • Extremely lightweight, robust and compact
  • Analogue input and output, trigger interface
  • Protection class IP67

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