Paint inspection

The monitoring of painted objects is becoming increasingly important in the context of high quality requirements. Defect detection directly after the painting process as well as colour measurement and colour comparison at the incoming goods inspection are frequent measuring tasks, where high precision and repeatability are required.

Colour recognition of kitchen fronts

In order to ensure consistent colour of different front panels, colour sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used. The sensors inspect the colour of the kitchen fronts in the painting plant. Colour sensors ensure ...

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Colour inspection and sorting of supplier parts

Before installing front aprons, Micro-Epsilon colour sensors check if the colour of the attachment matches the body colour. Different colour groups can be defined to cover all coatings.

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Colour measurement of liquid paint

Measuring the colour of liquid paint is extremely complex. To date, paints have been typically applied on a test area first and then measured only after the drying process in order to achieve reliable ...

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Fully automatic paint defect inspection of car bodies and attachments

For fully automatic defect detection on car bodies and attachments, the reflectCONTROL inspection system is used. The system projects a striped pattern onto the surface. Deviations caused by defect are recorded with two cameras and evaluated via software.

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