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Top performing sensors for distance and 3D measurements are finalists in the 2023 Instrumentation Excellence Awards


The optoNCDT 1900 series of laser triangulation sensors for distance, displacement and position measurements from Micro-Epsilon offers a unique combination of speed, size and performance. The sensor itself has dimensions of 70 x 31 x 45mm and weighs just 185g. The measuring rate is continuously adjustable up to 10kHz and can be individually adapted to suit each measurement task. High performance optics create a small spot size onto the target, which enables tiny objects and surface details to be measured. A larger aperture for the receiver ensures greater accuracy and repeatability when compared to other sensors of similar measurement range. The sensor itself is extremely robust with the ability to withstand high shock and vibrations (up to 30 g).

The sensor is extremely resistant to ambient light interference. Software algorithms compensate for ambient light up to 50,000 lux, which means operation in direct sunlight is also improved.

Application diversity in factory and plant automation

The innovative laser triangulation sensors are used wherever high demands are made on precision and ease of integration. The optoNCDT 1900 laser sensors are used in, among other things, automation technology, automotive manufacturing, 3D printing, coordinate measuring machines, injection moulding, packaging and CNC machines, the battery industry, smartphone production, robot applications and wood processing.

Easy to integrate

Data output is via analogue or digital RS422 interface. Sensors with integrated EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP or PROFINET interfaces are also available, enabling direct connection to industrial controllers, eliminating the need for an external interface module, while reducing installation effort and wiring.

Laser line version

A laser line version of the optoNCDT 1900 is also available. The optoNCDT 1900LL projects a small laser line onto the measuring object. The sensor performs particularly well in distance measurements where the sensor or measuring object is moved in the Z-axis direction, such as robot positioning. The sensor is designed for shiny metallic and structured surfaces, as well as for measurements of materials where the laser beam penetrates. For these surfaces, the small laser line optically averages and compensates for irregularities such as structure and roughness. In addition, special software algorithms filter out interferences caused by surface roughness, defects, depressions or very small holes.

The optoNCDT 1900 series is available in measuring ranges from 2mm up to 500mm. Linearity is from <± 1.0 microns.

Sensors for 3D measurements

To achieve highly accurate 3D measurements, a perfect match between hardware and software is required. Micro-Epsilon has developed a new generation of 3D sensors that not only uses high performance hardware, but also has perfectly matched software, 3D Inspect, to accompany it. This means all 3D sensors from Micro-Epsilon can now be operated using the same 3D data capture and evaluation software.

Measuring smaller areas with highest precision

The surfaceCONTROL 3D 3000 series of 3D snapshot sensors work according to the principle of optical triangulation based on fringe projection. Using a matrix projector, a sequence of patterns is projected onto the test object surface. The light of the patterns diffusely reflected by the test object surface is recorded by two cameras. The three-dimensional surface of the test object is then calculated from the recorded image sequence and the knowledge of the arrangement of the two cameras to each other.

The surfaceCONTROL 3D 3000 offers highest two-axis repeatability up to 0.4 µm. They are fully integrated industrial sensors (IP67) with passive cooling. Delivering up to 2.2 million 3D points per second, the 3D point cloud is delivered directly from the sensor. The sensors support the new 3D GigE Vision / GenICam standard for easy integration into existing 3D image processing tools.

Inspection of larger targets

The surfaceCONTROL 3D 2500 series has been redeveloped to the newest platform and is a 3D sensor for inspection of larger targets. Measuring fields are up to 650 x 495 mm, with high measuring range depth from 150 mm to 300 mm. Data capture time is around 0.5 seconds and repetitive precision is up to 3 µm.

Measuring flat, mirror-like surfaces

The reflectCONTROL series is for 2D and 3D measurements on flat, mirror-like surfaces. It consists of a large screen that projects light patterns onto the surface which is evaluated by two cameras in the housing and a 3D point cloud generated. The sensor sends this 3D point cloud directly via GigE Vision standard to the software.

For more information on the optoNCDT 1900, surfaceCONTROL or reflectCONTROL from Micro-Epsilon, please visit www.micro-epsilon.co.uk or call the Micro-Epsilon sales department on +44 (0)151 355 6070 or email info@~@micro-epsilon.co.uk