Detection of colour

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Measuring the zinc strip colour in production

The company H.D.Lenzen specialises in the field of surface finishing for strip materials, while occupying a worldwide leading position in this market. The steel and aluminium strips are coated during surface ...

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Inline colour measurement of plastic injection-moulded parts

In plastic injection moulding, the exact colour shade of the products is important, as the colour changes during cooling. To date, it has only been possible to measure random samples of cooled pieces. ...

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Inline colour measurement of transparent film

In non-contact monitoring of continuously produced transparent strips of film, each millimetre of strip produced must be identical in colour. As well as colour fluctuations, streaks can occur during production. ...

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Colour and intensity tests of vehicle lights

At the end of their production process, vehicle lights must be 100% inspected. Colour and intensity of the finished lights are the primary inspection criteria. Homogenous distribution of light should also ...

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Colour measurement of LED panels (RGB)

When RGB LED panels are produced, the challenge is to create a uniform, completely homogenous surface. Therefore, a diffuser layer is used, which enables a regular scattering of the otherwise point-shaped ...

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Colour measurement of the floorboards

Plastic floorboards are made of coloured granules and shaped by deep-drawing. After the production process, it must be guaranteed that the colour of the floorboards is homogenous and that there are no ...

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Colour detection of kitchen fronts

Kitchens are available in many different colours. In order to guarantee that the customer receives the desired colour, the colourSENSOR OT-3-MA-30-16 inspects the colour of the kitchen fronts in the painting ...

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Colour measurement of tablets in pharmaceutical production

In pharmaceutical tablet production different ingredients are used. Changing the concentration of these ingredients affects the colour of the tablet. The colour gradient varies from white and beige to ...

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Damage prevention during production of locking cylinder

The company Aumat (Germany) develops and produces complex production systems for locking cylinders. In order to prevent any damage occurring, the operator must feed the correct blank into the production ...

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Colour comparison between parking sensor and body shell

Car attachments such as parking sensors are painted separately. However, during assembly there must be no difference in colour between the parking sensor and the bumper, which means the two colours must ...

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Colour recognition for seams in automotive interiors

A well-known German car manufacturer relies on poka-yoke mechanisms for assembling interior components. The poka-yoke process prevents product defects due to random human errors and ensures that all parts ...

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Measurement of the zinc strip colour in the production plant

In the production of high-quality material strips and boards made out of titanium zinc, the surfaces receive specific treatment. Therefore, the colouring of the zinc products is already determined during ...

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