Colour recognition on different surface types

Colour sensors with Integrated Optics and illumination

The OT series colour sensors have integrated optics and illumination. The sensor automatically illuminates the surface with white light and records the reflected colour values in RGB-I. With ΔΕ values of 0.5, the sensors are more accurate to colour variation than the human eye!

This results in a sensor series that can detect subtle shade or intensity variations in continuous processes. The sensor can be configured from a laptop or pc using Micro Epsilon colourScope software (provided free) to precisely monitor which component(s) of colour variation is occurring. Once this is known a simple pass fail output signal can be provided to the process for error detection. RS 232, USB outputs can also be output.

With measurement rates of upto 30KHz and external triggering, it is possible to monitor even the fastest moving production processes. Large optic version also colour measurement at upto 800mm distance.

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  1. Colour detection from a large distance
  2. Colour and greyscale detection
  3. White light LED
  4. Object distance typ. 50 mm - 800 mm
  5. Light spot size Ø 23 or 50 mm
  6. RS232 (USB) interface
  7. 31 colours can be stored
  8. TEACH via PC, PLC or gauge
  9. Temperature compensation
  10. Switching frequency max. 35 kHz
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