Marking detection on cosmetics bottles

Before the printing process, a reference mark is embossed into the bottles. Due to the depression of the embossment, the colour of the reference mark deviates slightly from the rest of the bottle surface. The colourSENSOR CFO100 detects this minimal colour difference, which enables the exact determination of the printing position below the embossment. For a flawless print, accurate and reproducible positioning is crucial. If the marking is missing, the bottle is considered as faulty and will be rejected immediately. Therefore at the same time, a good / bad evaluation can be carried out as part of a quality control. A machine turns the cosmetics bottle while the colourSENSOR CFO100 constantly measures the surface of the bottle at a distance of less than 10 mm. The embossment is detected quickly and reliably. Next, the exact position for the bottle printing is determined and further process steps can be carried out. The colourSENSOR shows clear advantages over other measuring
methods. First, it masters the semi-transparent surface easily. Second, it is ideally suited to this kind of position measurement task due to its favourable price/performance ratio.

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