IFS2403 Hybrid sensors

Confocal hybrid sensors for displacement, distance & position

The new confocal chromatic confocalDT IFS2403 measurement sensor combines the benefits of two successful confocal design principles - the IFS2402 gradient index lens with just 4mm diameter and a discrete lens of 8mm at the font of the sensor.

The gradient index lens allows significantly more light to be reflected from the object being measured which results in faster measurement rates and also the ability to measure darker objects. The discrete lens positioned at the front of the sensor allows significantly more target tilt than the smaller 4mm diameter lens and also a larger distance from the object to be measured.

Combining these two principles results in a very capable, fast and compact sensor design suitable for many applications.

confocalDT IFS2403

  • Measuring ranges (mm): 0.4 | 1.5 | 4 | 10
  • Linearity max. 0.3 µm
  • Resolution max. 0.016 µm
  • Hybrid sensor
  • Housing made from steel
  • Increased offset distance
  • Axial and radial measurement direction
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